Trucking with “CTLC” is always high quality services and delivery of goods on time;

Optimal ratio of quality and cost of services
Delivery to the door as soon as possible
Forwarder's liability insurance

We will deliver any cargo for you 


They usually occupy the entire cargo area and are intended for one recipient.


Consist of separate small batches of several customers.


Are dangerous to the environment in one way or another.


Liquid cargo without packaging.


Cargo that cannot be placed in a standard vehicle.


The weight of the cargo exceeds the established norm - 21 tons.


Cargoes requiring compliance with a certain temperature regime.

We draw up a package of necessary documents

We control the movement of cargo at all stages

We advise on all issues of cargo transportation

Full range of services
The CTLC produces import, export, door-to-door transit road transport.
Development of the optimal delivery route
Cargo marking
Calculation of cost and delivery time
Storage and handling of goods in intermediate warehouses
Consulting services
Preparation of the necessary documentation
Packaging and repackaging
Trucking is one of the universal types of delivery:
Flexibility in route planning
The ability to quickly change the route
Delivery 'From door to door'
No additional intermediate overloads
Optimal speed / cost ratio
Information support

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