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One of the options for the possible optimization of processes using modern technologies is the transition to electronic documentation. Initially, logistics documents are characterized by territorial distribution. Confirmation of each business transaction is documented at every stage - this is the guarantee that the process will remain fully controlled.
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Document groups
A lot of documents are needed to process the transportation of goods, they should be divided into four groups:
  1. For cargo

  2. To the car and drivers carrying out cargo transportation

  3. For cargo transportation

  4. On insurance

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Domestic cargo transportation
For cargo transportation within Moldova, the following documents will be required:
- Consignment note for goods and transport.
This is document number 1, issued by those who send the goods.
- Waybill 
- Contract between the sender and the carrier or a copy thereof. This document becomes the basis for transportation. It can be replaced by a power of attorney issued for transportation - such is issued to the driver and is also certified by the organization's seals.
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Additional documents
Additional documents can be:
  1. Packing list

  2. Conformity certificates

  3. The passport

  4. Invoices, shipper and purchaser agreement

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