Project Cargo

Cargo transportation is a reliable basis for your business

CTLC offers a convenient way to deliver goods. Leave the questions of the transport component and customs clearance to our specialists, save time for running your business.

What we offer to our customers:
Find a supplier

Finding and checking the reliability of the manufacturer

Purchase of goods

Procurement and control at all stages of shipments

Customer support

Legal support of transactions, negotiating with suppliers

Delivery if it is needed

Shipping method of your choice, goods customs clearance

Formulation of the problem

At the first stage, CTLC specialists ask the customer for the details of transportation: the type of bulk raw materials, geography, traffic volume, and other conditions

Preparation of technical specifications

The 'CTLC' team conducts a technical audit of the shipper's and consignee's sites, analyzes their readiness to start the project

Start of transportation

On the basis of the technical specification, our specialists carry out the preparation of machinery and equipment. Installation work is being carried out at the point of unloading of goods, test run of equipment
Cooperation process with us
If you already have a supplier:
  1. Coordination of the terms and cost of delivery with the client

  2. Providing the address of your warehouse in the supplier's country

  3. Cargo check, delivery to a warehouse in your city

  4. Transfer of goods to the client

If you don't have a supplier yet:
  1. Formation of proposals from 3-4 best manufacturers

  2. Ordering samples of goods and checking them

  3. Online communication with the client via Skype for product demonstration

  4. In case of approval of the goods with the client, the organization of the purchase and transfer of money in a convenient way

  5. Consolidation of the main consignment of goods in our warehouse and delivery of goods to your city

We will do everything for you
We will study in detail the features and needs of your field of activity, to form the best advantageous offer for you.

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