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Packaging and repackaging of goods

Packing and repackaging of cargo is a widespread service for bringing goods into proper form that meets the requirements of the trading network. Specialists of the company CTLC safekeeping warehouse will efficiently and promptly carry out packaging and repackaging of goods. At the request of the client, the goods can be moved to any other container; a crate is provided for oversized cargo.
Product packaging-efficiently and quickly
Specialists of the responsible storage warehouse can reduce or increase the quantity of goods in the package, according to your wishes. Also, the package can be equipped with hooks or other devices; the old damaged package is replaced with a new one.
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We control and check
All work on packing or repackaging of goods is carried out in separate, specially designated areas of the warehouse complex, without interfering with loading operations.

The packaging process is constantly monitored by a special quality department; the warehouse is equipped with video cameras. Therefore, we confidently guarantee our clients exclusively high-quality work performed on time.

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