Formation of a groupage consignment

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Benefits for your business

Groupage cargo is extremely beneficial for business representatives. Such services in the field of transportation do not require increased efficiency. Thanks to the presence of groupage transportation in our life, it becomes possible to develop a business almost anywhere in the world.
How does this happen
The cost of transportation directly affects the formation of the price of any product.
If there is a possibility of reducing such, then this will affect both the sales level and the activities of the enterprise as a whole.
That is, one of the options for reducing transportation costs is the formation of groupage cargo.
On a "common" route, goods from different companies are delivered by one vehicle.
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Advantages of groupage cargo:
As a rule, as part of a batch, cargoes are delivered with a mass ranging from a kilogram to a centner.
The company can choose both the suitable transport and the best route, while significantly reducing the transportation time. This, in turn, increases the rate of turnover of funds, which means that it affects the state of the business as a whole. In addition to efficiency and minimal costs, there are a number of other advantages.
For example, groupage cargo is subject to insurance, transportation is monitored at every stage using modern technologies. Groupage cargo can be additionally packed by the company, which also ensures safety on the way.
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Stages of groupage cargo transportation:
  1. Transportation from the sender, storage of the piece goods in the company's warehouse before the order is finally formed

  2. Packing cargo for its safety during transportation, taking into account the transport involved in transportation, the characteristics of loading and loading facilities

  3. Registration of documents for cargo escorting. If the cargo is delivered from abroad, it is required to fill in the customs declaration

  4. Delivery of cargo to its destination using the appropriate modes of transport

  5. Unloading and delivery of cargo to addresses. International transportation is complemented by customs clearance and obtaining the relevant documents.

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