Delivery to the door

Send and receive goods without leaving your home or office


No payments for storage of cargo in transit warehouses


Minimization of the occurrence of force majeure situations or loss of goods due to constant monitoring of the cargo


Minimum delivery times doe to a well-designed logistic scheme

Send and receive cargoes conveniently with CTLC

Saving you time and money
The courier picks up the cargo from the client “at the door” and delivers it to the recipient at the specified address, also “to the door”.
You do not need to go either to the warehouse or to the courier service reception point. Thus, you significantly save time by not participating in the process of transporting cargo.
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Discuss the details of the service with our manager. To do this, just leave a request and we will contact you.

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We are always responsible for your cargo
The door-to-door delivery type assumes a drawing of the entire route, including transportation by different types of freight transport.
Cargo transportation by road is always a high mobility, but when transporting over long distances, this method of transportation is not profitable. The scheme is appropriate: road + rail transport.

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