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Professional assistance in customs clearance

The company CTLC offers a wide range of customs services. Our specialists carry out customs clearance quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. The customs clearance procedure in Moldova is carried out in strict accordance with the legislation. You just provide the documents for the cargo - we take care of the rest.
Customs: the nuances of goods clearance
The process is quite difficult: its implementation requires a lot of knowledge in the field of law (taxes, customs, currency), drawing up declarations, etc. In order to carry out customs clearance of goods, the employees of our company constantly monitor changes to the laws of Moldova. The customs clearance process is carried out only in accordance with existing regulations.
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Stages of customs clearance
The customs clearance process can consist of the following stages:
  1. Work with different customs control modes

  2. Filling declarations

  3. Preparation of documentation for the import or export of goods

  4. Appropriate permissions processing

  5. Selecting a suitable customs clearance option

  6. Providing the relevant authorities with documents, as well as the required information

To carry out customs clearance, we perform the following actions
  1. Preparation of a package of accompanying documents for shipment

  2. Assistance in obtaining the necessary certificates

  3. Confirmation of the invoice value in the customs authorities of Moldova

  4. Carrying sampling

  5. Conducting identification

  6. We provide a number of other services

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