Control of Loading and Unloading Operations

Ensure that your goods are transported safely and correctly


CTLC loading and unloading control

Mishandling your products can cause damage, that leads to delays and increase costs. CTLC handling control will ensure the safe and proper transport of your goods.
Benefits of CTLC Material Handling
Our services will allow:
  1. Provide professional control over your products during loading and unloading operations

  2. Guarantee proper transportation conditions and safety of goods regardless of the mode of transport

  3. Ensure compliance with all quality and safety requirements

  4. Guarantee the compliance of the conditions of transportation and storage of goods with the rules for the organization of transportation (GTP).

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Control of loading and unloading operations includes checking
  1. Movement of goods during all loading and unloading operations

  2. Enterprises or warehouses of the manufacturer during packaging to confirm the conformity of the goods to the established requirements

  3. General type of cargo and (or) packaging

  4. Cleanness of transport, in particular: hold, railway carriage, cargo hold of an aircraft or deck of a ship

  5. Supporting documents

  6. Laying, fastening methods, jamming and environmental protection measures.

  7. Compliance of the number of packages and their labeling with the contractual specifications.

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