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Specialists of the company CTLC know that when it comes to customer orientation and customer service, both business strategies have the potential to reduce churn and manage retention.
In a sense, customer service becomes important in the context of customer focus.
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Analyzing customer behavior and interactions - to gain an understanding of customer needs and expectations
Tracking and measuring the quality and effectiveness of customer service
Providing personalized customer experience
Customer oriented approach, not profit oriented
Identifying clients 'at risk' to reduce their churn
Timely reporting of problems and ways to prevent them
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A range of services is a profitable solution for your business
Our company makes sure that the process of transportation of each cargo takes place without problems, safely and on time. We adapt to the individual needs of each client and the characteristics of his cargo. We offer effective solutions to any, even the most difficult and non-standard situations.
Route drawing
Choosing the best transport
Preparation of the necessary documents
Ensuring proper environment for cargo
Checking and marking of cargo
Loading goods
Customs clearance
Cargo tracking
Local delivery arrangement

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