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CTLC - China Trade & Logistic Company is N.1 Company for work with China
Search for a product and supplier in China
Customs clearance of goods for export-import operations
“China Trade & Logistic Company” —
is a team of professionals in the field of integrated logistics, including international transportation by all modes of transport, customs clearance in Moldova and the countries of the European Union, specializing in the supply of goods from China.
If your company is not a participant of foreign economic activity or there is no experience in processing import / customs documents for delivery through your company - We are ready to take these obligations.
We are ready to provide and conclude a contract with your supplier and arrange a transaction through our company, including customs payments. Deliver the goods from the manufacturer of the goods to your warehouse.
All that is required from you is just to accept the goods that have passed customs clearance in Moldova and take them at your warehouse.
We would like to highlight such proposals as:
- Search for the product you need in China, control, starting from the production of this product at the factory and sending it to Moldova and EU countries

- Weekly groupage shipments from China to Moldova and EU countries

- Delivery and customs clearance of goods requiring special conditions: food products, dangerous, heavy, oversized

- Warehouse services - the company has warehouses for consolidation of goods in Beijing, Guangzhou (China)

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